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    Shedo Lane Sun Protection Clothing Blog

    Kids Sun Safe Clothes - Adventures with Shannon Panganiban

    Kids Sun Safe Clothes - Adventures with Shannon Panganiban-Shēdo Lane

    As a mom to any little ones, we know how much we love them and keeping them as safe and happy as possible is everything to us.  We want to introduce you all to Shannan Panganiban and her sweet family.  

    Toddler UV Clothing Shedo Lane
    UV Toddler Clothes Shedo Lane

    Shannon started her blog as a creative outlet and to help document my ups and downs of motherhood!  We all know how tough it can be. It also grew into a way to connect with amazing women all over the world which she really enjoys!  She has a fantastic instagram page where she shares her journey as a mother and its ups and downs.  


    Sun Protective Shirt SPF 50+ by Shedo Lane

    Shannon has two of the sweetest littles, and she likes to make sure they are having fun and are safe.  She wrote to let us know that she loves the the softness, the styles, and the toddler UV protective clothing and how they would be perfect for theme park days - because they are Disney junkies!


    Best Plus Size Sun Protective Clothing for Men- UPF 50+ Shirts

    Best Plus Size Sun Protective Clothing for Men- UPF 50+ Shirts-Shēdo Lane

    The best plus size sun protective clothing for men can now be found at the recently launched Shēdo Lane apparel website.  Shēdo Lane products are UPF 50+, meaning they have the highest sun protection rating possible and block 98% of UVA and UVB cancer causing sun rays.  In addition to blocking UV rays, their shirts are also incredibly soft and make for the easiest all day sun protection possible.


    plus size sun protective clothing for men


    Shēdo Lane® features comfortable mens long sleeve sun protection shirts in XL, XXL, XXL (1XL, 2XL, 3XL).  The polo shirt makes a great sun protection golf shirt and the quarter zip is and ideal layer for early mornings, late afternoons, or just generally cooler temperatures.  


    Sun protection is no-joke, crucial these days with doctors finding a clear relationship between sun exposure and skin cancer.  "RED ALERT", guys, that white t-shirt you are tossing on at the beach thinking it will keep you sun safe ... NOT A CHANCE!!!  Those regular old cotton shirts only typically have a UPF 7 protection rating meaning most of the cancer causing rays are pouring right through.


    Don't overthink this one ... Shēdo Lane® has taken all the work out of sun protection.  Our luxurious fabrics, great basic styles, and UPF 50+ sun protective fabric is a WIN WIN WIN for you.


    Be sure to keep a few of these greatShēdo Lane® plus size sun protective clothing for men SPF sun shirts in your closet for sunny days or anytime you are planning on spending an extended amount of time out in the sun.

    Women's Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirts - Shēdo Lane®

    Women's Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirts - Shēdo Lane®-Shēdo Lane

    Women's long sleeve sun protection shirts, with the highest rated UPF 50+ fabric, are increasingly important as doctors find stronger links between sun exposure and skin cancer rates.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, yet women often overlook one of the easiest ways to prevent it ... simply by wearing sun protection clothing.  Specifically, longsleeve shirts are an easy and effective way to keep the sun off some of the most exposed parts of the body.  


    womens long sleeve sun shirts black

    UPF 50+ protection, blocking 98% of the cancer causing UVA and UVB rays, is the highest rated fabric possible.  UPF is the clothing equivalent of SPF for sunscreen and relates to UV blocking rating.


    Every woman should have at least one or two long sleeve sun shirts in their closet they can toss on when they know they will be out in the sun for extended periods of time.  Shēdo Lane® offers a luxuriously soft line of UPF 50+ womens long sleeve sun shirts in a variety of colors and styles.  Be sure to check out the Simple Cardigan, of course also with the UPF 50+ fabric, that serves as a great layering option.


    Shēdo Lane® is the home of Women's Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirts and other high end women's sun protection apparel items.

    Perfect Kids Jogger and Sun Safe!

    Perfect Kids Jogger and Sun Safe!-Shēdo Lane

    The perfect play pant!  Having two boys we love to play outside so designing the perfect pant was essential in our Shēdo Lane Sun Protective Apparel line.  These Joggers are light weight, with an elastic waistband so kids can easily dress themselves.  They have to pockets in the front, and one in the back so they can collect treasures while adventuring!  Also, on those chiller windy days, the elastic around the ankles don't let the cold air up the pant leg and cool them off (also - the ends don't get walked on)!

    Shedo Lane UPF 50+ pant for kids
    UPF 50+ Sun Pant by Shedo Lane
    UPF 50+ Beach Pant by Shedo Lane
    UPF 50+ Clothing for Kids by Shedo Lane
    Now the only problem is figuring out what color you will choose!

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