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    Shedo Lane Sun Protection Clothing Blog

    Melanoma Monday 2020

    Melanoma Monday 2020

    As a UPF 50+ clothing brand, sun safety is always at the forefront of our mission. During the month of May, in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we will be sharing tips, educating, and spreading our mission on how you can keep yourself and your family SUN SAFE!

    Check out the video above from our sister swimwear brand, SwimZip, and learn more about founder of both brands, Betsy Johnson and her Melanoma journey.

    Throughout the month we will feature four trusted dermatologists that will share their tips, advice, and recommendations for practicing safe sun! We'll also be sharing first-hand accounts from a couple of brave individuals who have battled skin cancer first hand.

    We believe that educating others on the importance of protecting your skin from the sun is the first step in saving lives and preventing skin cancer. Forward this blog on to a friend or family member to help spread awareness!


    Work From Home + Play From Home Style Guide

    As millions of adults join the work from home (WFH) workforce and millions of kids begin learning and playing from home (PFH), a major question is hitting us all.

    What do I wear?

    One tip floating around all of the new blog posts with WFH advice is to get yourself ready and dressed for the day. And we totally agree! But let's be honest, we're probably not putting on the blazer and slacks or button-ups and jeans.

    Check out our Work From Home and Play From Home Style Guides featuring some of our favorite Shēdo staples to help you find the perfect mix of style and comfort!

    Click on the tag icons to shop for your new WFH + PFH outfits!





      Coronavirus Update - March 22nd

      Hi Shedo Family,

      This situation with COVID-19 keeps getting more and more surreal! I certainly can’t recall a more uncertain time with so many unknowns.

      With all of this unpredictability, I want to be 100% transparent with what is going on in our business.  We are based in the Kansas City area, which yesterday fell under Stay-At-Home orders starting Tuesday.

      Here is what we are keeping an eye on so far:

      1. We may at some point lose the ability to ship orders placed on our websites. 

      Most of the Kansas City metro has been issued Stay-At-Home orders starting Tuesday 3/23 for the next 30 days (at least for now).  For now, we are still able to ship orders from our fulfillment center.  Our fulfillment folks are extremely dedicated to getting you your orders and will keep doing what they can, but our ability to do so may change at any point. We will make the necessary changes on our website and notify anyone whose order we are unable to fulfill as soon as we know.

      2. If you are wanting UPF 50+ clothing for the Spring and Summer, now is the time!

      We are feeling the uncertainty just like you.  We are not sure how long we will be open to ship so… if you plan to play outside while on quarantine and want sun protection now is the time.  Our team is following closely and complying with all the regulations, and we don’t want to leave you hanging when the weather does turn warm.  


      Staying at home has not been the easiest for me while pregnant with our 3rd baby boy, but we’re making the best of it!  I’ve been putting more focus on ways our family can grow together while trying to keep as much normalcy in our lives. We try to get the boys out for a walk or bike ride at least twice a day and then run around with our pup in the backyard.  

      Whether you are in self-quarantine or mandated lockdown, it is so important for your mental and physical health to get fresh air.  Sun protection is still vital. So, please please get that fresh air, but don’t forget your sun hat and sunscreen.

      We are thinking of all of you, stay safe and healthy.  

      Sending all my love.  

      Betsy Johnson


      Lightweight Sun Protection Baby Clothes for Summer | UPF 50+ Protective

      baby sun protection clothing shedo

      Lightweight UPF 50+ baby sun protection clothing is a "must" with summer just around the corner.  Baby skin is particularly sensitive to the sun's cancer causing UVA and UVB rays - and a bad sunburn in childhood can lead directly to skin cancer later in life.  Keeping baby protected from the sun is a big deal.  Shedo Lane offers a fantastic line of lightweight sun protective clothes that are just perfect for babies.

      lightweight baby sun protection clothing


      Our incredibly popular SPF long sleeve baby onesies make a great addition to any baby wardrobe.  Our sun protective fabric has the highest rated UPF 50+ sun protection, for the easiest all day sun coverage.  Perfect for a morning stroll at the farmer's market, a day out at the park, that first beach vacation - wherever!  Have the peace of mind knowing your baby is protected from the sun's harmful rays - even when you are not thinking about it.

      Of course, be sure to add a baby sun protection hat to complete the outfit.

      Summer is going to be hot!  Be sure to keep your favorite little one protected when outside with Shedo Lane's baby lightweight sun protective clothing - all day, every day!

      Toddler UV Shirt - UV Fashion All Year Round

      Toddler UV Shirt - UV Fashion All Year Round

      When getting all ready to head outside, I still stop and make sure my kids have their snow hats, or sun hats on at all times.  One bad sunburn can have life long effects.  So keeping your kids sun safe at a young age is so important.  

      I just love how people still keep kids sun safe even during the winter.  Julia Bender Photography has done some awesome photos for outfits that would be perfect during the winter.  


      UV Toddler Shirt


      Outfit on the LEFT:

      Girls UV Cardigan with UPF 50+ Protection
      Girls UV 50+ dress with UPF 50+ Protection

      Outfit on the MIDDLE

      Kids UV protective long sleeve shirt
      Kids UV 50+ pants 

      Outfit on the RIGHT

      Kids UV 50+ short sleeve shirt