Kids Easter Craft- DIY Stained Glass

Spring is such an amazing time. It brings with it flowers, rain showers, new life, and fun Easter festivities! While we may all want to be outside enjoying the fresh air, spring brings with it many rainy days. We wanted to share with you one of our favorite crafts that you can do on a rainy afternoon with your kids. 

This is such a fun and easy spring/Easter craft! We know how hard it can be to keep little ones entertained. This colorful craft is perfect for days in with your kids and is so fun you'll enjoy it too! It is so easy you only need a few simple supplies.

Supplies Needed:

-Construction or Printer paper

-Tissue paper in different colors

-Clear packing tape


-Chick, Bunny, and Egg Templates (scroll down to download them)

Step 1- print template then cut out the shape.

Step 2- with a parents help, apply clear tape to one side of your template so the tissue papers can be applied on the sticky side. 

Step 3- cut your tissue paper in to small rectangle shapes then use them to fill in your template.

 Step 4- That's it! Display them in a window so the light can radiate through your design.

This affordable and easy activity is one that is perfect for spring and Easter but can also be tailored to any season or holiday! Change the shape of the template or the color of the tissue paper and you have a custom holiday craft! 

We hope you enjoy this craft as much as we do! If you try out this craft make sure to send it to us or tag us @shedolane in your posts so we can see!

Happy Spring!


Shēdo Lane