Earth Day Craft

Hey friends! Earth Day is almost upon us and we are back with another fun craft. What better way to teach your kids about Earth Day and conservation than by doing a recycling craft? Keep reading to see how you and your kids can make your own recycled planters!

Supplies you will need:

  • Container- yogurt container, cut up egg carton, cut bottle, etc.
  • Colorful pipe cleaners
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Colored pom poms
  • Construction paper

Step 1- Have the kids paint the recycled containers in the color of their choice. You will want these to dry before attaching other pieces.

Step 2- While waiting for paint to dry, you can cut the construction paper and pipe cleaners into legs, claws, and silly tongues for your planters. Use child safety scissors or help them cut out the legs.

Step 3- It is time to assemble your creatures! When the paint is dry, assist the kids by using a hot glue gun to attach legs and claws to the body of the creature. Then, using a pom pom, attach that as the head of the creature. Glue googly eyes on to the pom pom. If you cut out tongues from the construction paper, glue these onto the pom pom as well.  Now you have a little planter that looks like a fun and silly creature!

Step 4- Sow seeds or plant of choice in the planter. Grass seeds are always fun because they grow quickly and allow kids to watch their creations grow. While you are planting, talk to your kids about recycling and how it helps the Earth. Talk to them about the importance of Earth Day and how each of us can participate every day in the conservation of our Earth.

There you have it friends! You have successfully created your own recycled creature planters! We hope you enjoyed this Earth Day craft as much as we did. If you try out this craft tag us in your photos so we can see! @shedolane

Happy Earth Day!